Transstroy Varna SA executes constructions from categories first to five, according to Article 137,par.1 from the Bulgarian Act of Land Development and the separate kinds of construction works. The company has experience and is capable of executing project from group one to four of the Central Professional Register, which it as follows:

1. Transport infrastructure projects:
- Railways;
- Ports and airports for public needs;
- Motorways, roads and adjoining facilities;
- Metropolitans and adjoining facilities.

2. High Constructions projects and adjoining Infrastructure, digital communication (nets) and facilities:
- Production factories;
- Immobile Monuments of Culture;
- Building and facilities for public use;
- Residential and mixed-status high buildings;
- Digital communication nets and facilities.

3. Power infrastructure projects:
- Transfer constructors(nets) of the technical Infrastructure and adjoining facilities in the Field of energy supply, heat supply and gas supply;
- Distributive conductors, adjoining facilities in the Field of energy supply, heat supply and gas supply;
- Elements of power infrastructure, installations and facilities.

4. Public infrastructure, hydro-technical and Environmental projects:
- Transfer constructors(nets) and adjoining facilities
- In the sphere of water supply;
- Facilities for geo-protection and coastline and river
- Bank fortification;
- Hydro-technical facilities, hiding danger of floods,Dams and dam walls;
- Projects, which are necessary for the protection and defense of the population, for the regional Recovery from disasters and incidents;
- Facilities and installations for garbage treatment;
- Distributive conductors, facilities and installations In the field of water supply and canalizations.