This policy is oriented in constant improve of the environment condition in accordance with the present ecology legislation in every aspect of our activity. The ensured priority in the quality of the personnel shall be considered as a vital and inseparable part of the existing environmental care. We shall clarify and perfect activities for managing the environmental impact through an integration of control rules and management of significant environmental aspects in the organization’s activities. The constant improvement of the management environmental system is a permanent goal of the management team and the personnel.
In accordance with the announced policy, environmental strategic directions are as follows:
- Active and engaged management, providing protection and reduction of the potentially harmful impacts on the environment, which correspond to the present legislation postulates.
- Pollution prevention in relation with the available and possible technologies as well as with well-grounded economic expenses.
- Planning and organizing the company’s activity through integration of work process systems, which shall improve the key characteristics of the environment-connected processes and activities.
- Provision of enough information and training, aiming at strengthening the personal responsibility of all our employees as regards to the environment, as well as proper distribution of this information to our partners and contracting parties.
- Conducting of active dialogue and transfer of information with the personnel, concerned parties and authorized organizations in the process of solving environmental protection problems.
- Efficient and rational usage of natural and energy resources and materials while executing the company’s activity.
- Identification and management of significant environmental aspects in the company’s activity.
- Execution of purposive monitoring and result measurement in connection with the environment and definition of improvement measures.
- Encouragement and creation of environmental culture through following and executing of this policy.
- Readiness for reaction to events, which lead to potentially unfavorable environmental influences, as the well-grounded decisions and the undertaken measures shall be widespread and integrated in order to decrease the risks of environmental incidents.