It is oriented towards accomplishing of highest safety and health requirements in every aspect of our activity. We specify and maintain safe work practices for all our activities, which removes and minimizes the risks for our employees, customers and other concerned parties. The constant improvement of the system of health and labor safety management, while observing the legal and normative requirements, is inseparable part of the quality control for reducing the expenditures and increasing the efficiency of labor.
In accordance with the above-announced policy, strategic management directions for health and labor safety are as follows:
- Active and engaged management, providing and maintaining safe and harmless working conditions, provided by corresponding equipment, facilities and conditions for efficient work of the personnel.
- Organizing and planning company’s activities through an implementation of new technologies for health protection and safety for the employees and all others, which can be affected by our activities, products and services.
- Provision of enough information, instructions, training and observation, so that all the employees of the company are able to realize the dangers and risks while working irresponsible, in order to execute their activities in a safer way.
- Provision of reliable communication in all aspects of health, labor conditions and safety during the work between the management team and personnel.
- Provision of proper personal protective means and clothing, required for personnel activities.
- Provision and control of the engagement execution regarding HSLC during determined periods of time.
- Encouragement and creation of safety culture of behavior through following and executing of this policy.
- Registration and investigation of every accident, incident and professional illness. Widespread information about new top management actions shall lead to low risks on working places.
- Identification of the health risks and workers’ safety during purchase and/or usage of the goods, equipment and services. The Organization will inform suppliers and clients for the specific requirements during the suppliers’ selection process.
- Complying with the general legislative acts for health and safety working conditions. Our company policy corresponds with direction of the labor safety policy of the Republic of Bulgaria and all possible new changes ahead.