Labour Safety


Number of Certificate 74-ЛИ/17/
The Central Marine Construction Laboratory – accredited by Executive Agency “Bulgarian Service of Accreditation”
Accomplishing of:
Materials – additional rough for common concrete;
- Sand for common concrete;
- Crushed stone /ballast for railways;
- Building soils; -
- concrete mixtures;
- concretes;
- steel-concrete piles;
- welding joints.

The laboratory executes also sample testing of: Materials – non-organic building grains;
Additional materials and sand; Crushed stone for road basis and asphalt coasts;
Concrete mixtures and Concretes welding; Joints; Building soils

Tге Central Marine Construction Laboratory at Transstroy- Varna SA offers testing of drill-cast piles with ultrasound test for integrity.
The ultrasounds test is non-destructive, aiming at proving the continuous essence of the ready pile. The measurements give parameters for deviations from the quality of the pile, knots on its body, cracks, and module of elasticity, longitudinal deviations, and stamina. The way, results can be compared on the basis of
a large number of piles from the some group and soil, so that conclusions can be made.