ANNOUNCEMENT FOR A PUBLIC DISCUSSION MEETING from "Transstroy Varna" AD, Varna, 2, Khan Omurtag Str

06 August 2018
Pursuant to Art.97, para.4 in connection with Art.81, para. 1, item 2 of the Environmental Protection Act NOTIFY all interested natural and legal persons that meetings for public discussion of an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA) are organized with all annexes thereto of an investment proposal for construction of an Environmental Impact Assessment Report "Port of public transport of regional importance" Ezerovo ", Ezerovo village, Beloslav municipality, Varna district".

The meetings will be held on Wednesday 12 September 2018 as follows:
- from 10.00 am in "Iskra" Community Center in the village of Ezerovo, "Svetlina" №5;
- from 14:00 in the Conference Hall, Beloslav, 23 Tsar Simeon Veliki Str.

The EIA report and all its annexes are available to anyone interested from 10 am to 4 pm in the period 10.08.2018 to 11.09.2018 in the building of Ezerovo mayoralty and in the building of Beloslav Municipality as well as and in RIEW-Varna.

Written opinions can be provided in the Beloslav Customs Office and in the register of the village of Ezerovo until the date of the public consultation, as well as in the Employer's office or at the meeting for public discussion.

For contacts on the public discussion by the client DesislavaTodorova - Executive Director 052 680 111, e-mail: