Port of public transport of regional importance" Ezerovo ", Ezerovo village, Beloslav municipality, Varna district

18 November 2019
The harbour of Ezerоvo is located on the territory of the village Ezerovo on properties with identifiers 27125.504.3, 27125.504.4, 27125.504.155, 27125.504.155 with a total area of 137 248 sq.m. 

The harbour of Ezerovo is located on a part of the site of the material and technical base of TRANSSTROY and borders with: 
o from north - 50 m from the Sofia-Varna railway line, km 529 + 600 to km 530 + 600; 
o from east - the mouth of a new warm channel from Varna Thermal Power Plant; 
o from west - the mouth of an existing warm channel from Varna Thermal Power Plant; 
o from south - the aquatory of the Varna Lake 
The harbour of Ezerоvo has a connection with:
the national road network through a road passing directly to the territory of the harbour, which has an exit on the Varna - Devnya road;
the national railway network by its own diversion connecting it to Ezerovo station of the main railway Sofia - Varna line. 

There is an exit to the Varna - Beloslav Lake with a length of the future quay front of 250 m and a depth of about 7 m in front of it, with a possible deepening up to 11.5 m according to the depth of the navigable channel;
It is located at approximately 6.50 km. from the aquatory of Varna Bay.
In the Land property 27125.504.155 a car parking lot is envisaged with a capacity of 47 parking spaces and parking for trucks with a capacity of 20 tractor units for 40 foot containers and similar and construction of a new departmental gas station.

The whole territory of the harbour has a dense pave. There are 5 buildings of massive construction on the territory, which can be used as covered
warehouses, as well as a locomotive depot building. The harbour is supplied with electricity, water supply, availability of its own water source and built sewage system.
It is envisaged to expand the activity by constructing a quay wall with a length of 230m, which will be able to dock the maximum ship defined by the navigation conditions of Channel No. 1 - full displacement of 50,000 tons, deadweight 40,000 GRT, maximum length 213 m, length between perpendiculars 190 m, median width 34 m, draft full 10.80 m
Capacities of the predicted open and closed warehouses and specialized storage facilities :
Warehouse facility  Area/volume 
(sq. m / m 3)
 Capacity (tonnes)   Throughput (t/year) 
Open warehouse for general and bulk cargo  5`175 кв. м    22`397  408`747 
Open warehouse for containers  20`000 кв.м 1`184 370`320 (30 860
Closed warehouses for general and bulk cargo 3`780 кв. м  8`505       206`955 
Closed bulk grain warehouses  2`268 кв. м 7`505        105`359 
 Silo grain warehouse           80`000 м3 60`000 1`095`000 
Storage tanks for bitumen  10`000 м3  12`000 175`200 
Total      2 186 381
Capacities of the predicted open and closed warehouses and specialized storage facilities:
Open warehouse for general and bulk cargo 
Area / volume: (sq.m/m3) 5`175 sq. M 
Capacity: (tonnes) 22`397 
Throughput (t / year): 408`747 
Open warehouse for containers
Area / volume: (sq.m/m3) 20,000 sq. M 
Capacity (tonnes) 1`184 
Throughput (t / year): 370`320 (30,860 TEU / year) 
Closed warehouses for general and bulk cargo
Area / volume: (sq.m/m3) 3`780 sq. M 
Capacity (tonnes) 8`505  
Throughput (t / year): 206`955 
Closed bulk grain warehouses 
Area / volume: (sq.m/m3) 2`268 sq. M 
Capacity (tonnes) 7`505 
Throughput (t / year):105`359 
Silo grain warehouse
Area / volume: (sq.m/m3) 80`000 m3
Capacity (tonnes) 60`000 
Throughput (t / year):1`095`000
Storage tanks for bitumen
Area / volume: (sq.m/m3) 10`000 m3 
Capacity (tonnes) 12`000 
Throughput (t / year): 175`200 
Throughput (t / year)
Total  2 186 381