Protection of Danube river shores at area V, Brashlyan, km 449 - km 454

Contract № BG 98.10-07.V.01
The project refers to fifth section for strengthening of the Bulgarian shore of Danube river; Brashlyan from km 449 to km 454
Reinforcement consists of longitudinal shore stone-filling dikes, which isolate and protect the shore slope from the river erosion. Dikes are three types. Type А is two-layers (core of detonated rock mass – DRM and slope armoring with crushed stone 15 ÷ 100 kg with inclination 1:1,5. The dike crown is formed as road  connection of crushed stone /0,20m/ for the purposes of operational monitoring, maintenance and repair. Type В is one layer armoring of stone 15 to 100 kg, laid on geotextile layer. Type С is similar to type А, but there is additional bench of stone 15-100 kg in front of armoring.