Reinforcement of Landslide in Kiparis area

Contract № BG 98.10-06.01

The reinforcement scheme includes one load-bearing unit (supporting walls with height 1,70 m and length 210 m and height 1,20 m and length 132,4 m) and draining activities – mainly horizontal drainage probing with total length of 1 676 m, carried out from 5 vertical shafts, 2 of which – existing ones. Stipulated also is the construction of technological road with length of 1158 m and rehabilitation of the existing coastal dikes.
The supporting wall is located at the rear of the coastal dike and it is angular, reinforced concrete, with draining ditch at the side of the slope.
The vertical shafts are with depth of 6 to 22 m, internal diameter 5,50 m and wall thickness 0.30 m as average.